The Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked is game that is inspired by the infamous anime Pokemon. This game allows you to have your own Pokemon. You have to train your Pokemon, that is necessary because if you don’t train them you can’t use them effectively in the battles. While playing you can see how addictive the game is. This upgraded version of the flash game provides you new challenges. With this hacked version you will save time. You will not have to wait to train your Pokemon. By playing the hacked version you will see that now the game is more easier, it’s more simple to train your Pokemon and you can easier add new Pokemon in your collection.Gameplay.The gameplay is actually very simple, as it’s basically the same as the unhacked version. You have to catch new Pokemons for your collection and train them, so you can use their full power to win the battles. There are a lot battle zones in the flash game. You can move around the screen and even choose what special move will do your Pokemon.

Once you use special move of your Pokemon it will start attack every opponent in diapason repeatedly. The battle ends when your opponents faint or your Pokemons have passed. Hacked version of the flash game is actually very good for new players because now you can easily achieve progress.This version of the game indeed have some advantages for the players:Now you can get extra experience points for your Pokemon during the battle. Every Pokemon fan know how hard is to reach the levels in this flash game. With old version you lose time by waiting for your Pokemon to level up. You don't need to do that with the new hacked version of the game. Now you can make your Pokemon strong very fast and even make him learn new moves, which will help you to win in battles. By playing hard and killing more opponents you will take more cash even if you don't have to spend so much in the game. You really have to try this game. There is no matter if you are new player. Now you can more easier catch Pokemons with one hit. This hacked version of the flash game allows you many things. One of them is that you can catch Pokemon by hitting it only one time in new version while in old version you should to lower your opponent's health in order to catch them.Enjoy the game!